Jacopo Cohen ritratto
Jacopo Cohen, Italian photographer.

I own Photography, as Photography own me. Both, me and photography, love the light. Both, me and photography, love the darkness. The light: allow us to exist; the darkness: allow us to appreciate the existence.

Every glance, every single shot, every astonished crack of light, every further development in the darkroom, represent the chromatic resultant in black and white of the obsessive research of a mood, of a dominant existential quiet. Without never looking back.
And my nights, like my destinies, are peaceful and quiet, surrounded by the darkness of the light.
Click! The Melancholia station. Click.
Photography belongs to me, as I belong to photography. Since that first day, throw off the balance from previous images, immobilized, outside time.

Untitled still life: my photography, my untitled artist statement.”